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28. May 2022


Klopeiner See (AUSTRIA) 
Distances: 6.600 m, 3.300 m, 1.900 m Kids: 500 m, 300 m
6.600 m SUP Strecke

Located southwest of the town of Völkermarkt in the municipality of St. Kanzian, Lake Klopein is known for its still waters and warm temperatures and is therefore popular for sport swimmers. The warmest swimming lake in Europe features 1,8 km width and 800 m breadth and a total area of 1,1 km². Lake Klopein which will transform to a giant swimming pool during the Alpen-Adria-Swim-Cup, will be entirely encircled on the 6.600m and 3.300m distances.

Start and Finish: Gemeindebad Familie Richler


08:00 h Collection of starting documents

10:00 h Start 6,6km SUP Course

10:05 h Start 6,6 km

11:00 h  3,3 km

11.30 h 1,9 km

11:45 h 500 m Kids

11:45 h 500 m Everyone

11:50 h 300 m Kids

13:00 h Award ceremony

Ort: Gemeindebad Fam. Richler Klopeiner See

AASC Klopein 6,6km u. 3,3km
AASC Klopein 6,6km u. 3,3km

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AASC Klopein 1,9km
AASC Klopein 1,9km

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AASC Klopein 500m & 300m
AASC Klopein 500m & 300m

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AASC Klopein 6,6km u. 3,3km
AASC Klopein 6,6km u. 3,3km

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General information

Late registrations:

are still possible up to 1 hour before the start in the event office


SUP course:

The 3.3km circuit has to be bypassed twice. The buoys must be avoided on the outside (between the shore and the buoy). Care must be taken of the swimmers.


Swimming buoys:

6.6km; 3.3km and 1.9km can be swum without a buoy
500m and 300m routes are mandatory, can be borrowed from the organizer for a fee.

Award ceremony:

The first 3 ladies and gentlemen of each route will be awarded.
For the overall ranking, all points are added up and awarded in Novigrad/CRO. There is an age group rating


Toilet facilities and changing rooms:

in the start/finish area


Event side:

Strandbad Fam. Richler

Am See VI Nr. 19

9122 St.Kanzian am Klopeiner See



Gasthof Menüwirt

Richler GmbH

Schulstrasse 3

9122 St. Kanzian

T:  +43 (0)4239 2248


Tourismusregion Klopeiner See - Südkärnten GmbH

Schulstraße 10

9122 St. Kanzian am Klopeiner See

T: +43 (0)42 39 2222

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