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Neoprene rule
  • If the water temperature is below 18 degrees, wearing neoprene is mandatory

  • At a water temperature between 18 - 24.5 degrees wearing a neoprene is allowed.

  • At a water temperature of 24.5 degrees or more, however, neoprene is prohibited.

General & timing
  • The chip must be mounted at ankle height. The time stops automatically when the mat crosses the finish line.

  • Wearing a bathing cap while swimming is mandatory, as it is also an identification for the companions and the water rescue service.

  • Wearing a swimming buoy is obligatory on the short distances (500m and 300m) – it can be borrowed from the organizer for a fee (20 euros). On the longer distances it is up to the swimmer:in.

  • Toilet facilities and changing rooms are located in the event area

  • Each participant receives a starter bag filled with great goodies from our partners and sponsors.

  • The top 3 men/women per distance will be awarded. All participants receive a certificate

  • CUP ranking

  • Every event in 2022 counts towards the overall ranking

  • The points are added.

  • In the event of a tie, the person with the most event participation wins.

  • The placings 1-3 women and men in the overall ranking will be awarded

The distribution of points
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