Dear Athletes,

Welcome to the Alpen-Adria-Swim-Cup 2021! We are excited about your registration for our 3rd Cupstation at Ossiacher See!  


We would like to deliver you with all of the relevant details for an uncomplicated procedure.


Address Event Area

CampingBad Ossiach

Seeuferstraße 109

9520 Annenheim



Time schedule

Samstag, 10.07.2021

08:00 a.m. Pick up of the starter package up to 1 hour before each start in the event office

09:15 a.m. Departure to the start 10 km Schiffsanlegestelle Steindorf / Ossiachersee

09:50 a.m. Competition briefing 10 km in the start area Schiffsanlegestelle

10:00 a.m. Start 10 km


10:50 a.m. Race briefing 5.1 km in the start / finish area

11:00 a.m. Start 5.1 km


11:20 am Race briefing 3.4 km and 1.7 km in the start / finish area

11:30 a.m. Start 3.4 km

12:00 p.m. Start 1.7 km


12:15 p.m. Competition briefing for children and everyone competition

12:20 p.m. Start 500 m children

12:25 p.m. Start 300 m kids

12:30 p.m. Start 500 m everyone


2 p.m. Award ceremony


Wetsuit Rule

Wearing a Wetsuit is obligatory when the water temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius.  A Wetsuit is allowed  with water temperatures between 18 - 24,5 degrees Celsius.  If the water temperature is above 24,5 degrees Celsius the wearing of a Wetsuit is not allowed.



COVID Rules for all Participants

We are allowed to proceed with the event in spite of the current circumstances. Therefore we must all obligate ourselves to abide by certain rules and regulations.



  • The participants must provide a valid test, vaccine or proof of recovery from the Covid virus (antibody test).  The confirmation of one of these prerequisites must be provided at Check-in.



  • It will be possible to test on site :

All Infos about testing possibilities you'll find on this site:


  • Please keep distance from one another!


  • Avoid bodily contact

  • Avoid grouping together and creating clusters in the Event Area

  • No spectators or visitors will be allowed to enter into the separate area, which is only reserved for athletes


  • We ask you kindly to uphold the customary hygiene rules, such as washing your hands and using disinfectant.  Disinfectants will be provided in the Event Area.


  • No hugs


Timing & General Information

  • The chip should be worn around the ankle.  The time stops automatically as soon as the swimmer runs over the mat.

  • It is mandatory to wear the swim cap during the swim, as this is also a sign for the accompanying boats, stand up paddlers and the lifeguards.

  • The transport of the clothes and shoes of the 10 k Athletes will be organized by us 


  • It is mandatory to wear a swim buoy - which can also be borrowed from the Event Management for 20 Euros

  • There are toilets, showers and changing rooms at the event area


  • Every participant receives a Start Package


  • The Top 3 Women and Men from each distance will be announces.  All Participants receive a certificate.




Infos for Participants of the 10 k Distance: 


There is a refreshment possibility on the route (after 5 k) with Iso and Gels. 


Shuttle service for the 10km route from the event site to the starting point - including clothes transport to the finish is included in the entry fee.


Please label your clothing bags or backpacks and hand them in at the shuttle car. Do not take any valuables with you! We cannot take responsibility for valuables.


Information for 1.7km, 3.4km and 5.1km Distance: 


We swim in the triangle course. Swim around the course 1, 2 or 3 times depending on the distance. The buoys must always be swum around on the left (buoy to the right shoulder)


For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



We look forward to meeting you & to the next enjoyable swimming event at the OSSIACHER SEE!


At the same time we would like to thank our Partners & Sponsors for their support and dedication!  It is a more than challenging time, in which we treasure even more the support and undivided loyalty – THANK YOU!!!